Putting the PERSONAL in Small Group Personal Training
I'm JP and I want to thank you for checking us out. The best way to really check us out is take advantage of the free week trial, just click the New Athlete? button at the top of this page and I will send your log-in link.  

JP FIT CLUB challenges you with workouts that combine variety, intensity, and functional movements that translate to your everyday life. It’s seriously intense  and  fun. The workouts are infinitely scalable. Times, rounds, weights and repetitions can all be modified to meet each members’ work capacity.    

High intensity is relative to each individual member.  After demonstrating a solid understanding of the mechanics as well as being able to perform those mechanics with consistency we then focus on each individual’s intensity.

Our studio is fully equipped with a wide variety of fun stuff like TRX, bags, bells, and your body-weight of course.  

So what are you waiting for? Click the New Athlete? at the top of the page and get started with your Free Week Trial. Join the Club and earn your Wings!